Agile Playbook: Scrum Master Tasks

The Scrum Master is one of the three roles in Scrum. The main tasks of a Scrum Master are to

  • promote and support Scrum, so to help everyone to understand the Scrum theory, practices, roles and values.
  • And the Scrum Master is a servant leader for the Scrum Team.

These are the main tasks of a SM, so how does he or she work?

The Scrum Master supports and coaches the Product Owner:

  • he or she ensures that the scope, the goal etc. is clear for everyone
  • the Scrum Master coaches the PO how to effectively manage the backlog and
  • how to practice agility​.

The Scrum Master supports and coaches the development team:

  • he or she coaches the team self-organization and cross-functionality
  • the Scrum Master helps the team to remove impediments and of course,
  • the Scrum Master is coaching Scrum

The Scrum Master supports and coaches the organization:

  • he or she is leading and coaching Scrum,
  • helping employees to understand Scrum and
  • he or she is working with other Scrum Masters

So the Scrum Master is a

  • Sparring Partner for the Product Owner,
  • Team Coach for the team and a
  • Change Agent for the organization​​.

How does the Scrum Master enable High PerformanceTeams?

The Scrum Master enables High Performance Teams by:

Scrum Master - Bo von der Heyden

  • taking care about everyone being at his or her best,
  • understanding the whole team and every individual,
  • taking care of
    the team dynamics,
  • creating an atmosphere that is positive and productive,
  • solving conflicts and
  • the Scrum Master is also in charge for protecting the team.
Bo von der Heyden

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